Posted by: Brad | February 15, 2009

Rug Salesman Tells Truth

One of the quality rugs on offer.

One of the quality rugs on offer.

For the first time in his career as a rug salesman, a man only known as ‘That everything must go guy’ has told the truth about a sale – everything actually did need to go.

The man’s rug store, Rug Me Up Scotty, was being converted into a politician/lawyer/media/new WordPump blogging office to continue its fine heritage of deceit. To clear out the store, ‘That everything must go guy’ initiated his 1000th closing down sale in the store’s 5 year history.

When asked about his sale, he said, “Everything must go! Rugs worth $100,000 are selling for $10,000 – it’s insane! We’re closing down permanently! This is your last chance to get these quality rugs, handmade by underpaid Middle Eastern workers, who are practically enslaved by our unethical trade practices!”

‘Eveyrthing must go guy’ will now pursue a career in sewerage treatment, a job much similar to his rug salesman career.

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  1. I love those guys…we used to have a couple on our local network that were priceless. Quality acting, quality production and great scripts.

    “I must be crazy..!!!”

  2. Ha ha. Too funny. Yes I’ve run into some of those folks:)

  3. When I was a kid there was a commercial that would play about every 3 months that went like this, “Buffalo Fine Jewelry going out of business sale!!!”

    I heard this for about 15 years and the one day they went out of business. The store opened up as another jewelry store and the then the commercials started. Same voice, same slogan, different store name.

  4. Just as I was about to kick my $500/ week rug habit…

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