Smiles von Smilerton

Good day homeboys and homegirls, may I introduce yo to dis shizzle. I will write about anything going down in da hood, that I deem necessary. As you can probably tell, I’m a white male. I’m from Australia, and to our overseas readers, we do in fact ride kangaroos to school*.

This blog is dedicated to delivering semi-true news stories to you, with fiction presented as fact, just like the real media!

Enjoy the blog!

* Not a guarantee.



  1. My mistake. I’d forgotten that those who ride kiwis to school live in New Zealand (or is it those who ride wolves to war live in Middle Earth?). 😀

  2. Those who ride cheeseburgers to work are on drugs… 🙂

  3. you left a comment on my blog about the images of Krampus as being “satan” but in fact Krampus is a companion of St. Nicholas in European culture.
    If you are good, st nick brings candy/presents on december 6th- if you are bad- krampus takes you away!

  4. Writing to you to ask a favor please, Can you help me vote for Joe’s blog. Hope you don’t mind me asking.


  5. Sure! It’s a great blog, I’ll vote for it 😀

  6. Thank you so much Brad! We both really appreciate your support. 🙂 Glad we met you. You keep us laughing. 🙂

  7. Oh, you’re too kind Betty 😀

  8. your “story” is up Brad

  9. Brad, you have quite the wit with your blog posts; I’ve really enjoyed them. My experience has been awesome with Windows 7. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Thanks wakka092! I’m glad you like the blog.

  11. How is it going Brad? I thought I would tell you about a new unblog: WordPress Chums.

    • I’m alright. That blog looks cool, I might post on there some time. 😀

  12. Will there ever be new post or are you retired for good? 😦

    Take it easy. 🙂

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