Posted by: Brad | April 15, 2009

Apple Releases the ‘iPod Mute’

The iPod Mute with its two wireless earbuds. Notice the amazing lack of controls or screen on the iPod.

The iPod Mute with its two wireless earbuds. Notice the amazing lack of controls or screen on the iPod.

Worried by teenagers playing music too loudly into their ears, Apple has today released the ‘iPod Mute’, designed to play music completely silently. The user simply places the wireless earbuds into his or her ears, switches the tiny music player on, and music begins to play. The ingenious iPod Mute then plays the music at a ‘comfortable 0dB’, so ‘stunningly inaudible that you’ll think that there is no music playing at all’.

The iPod Mute features no screen and no controls, quite similar to the popular iPod Shuffle. A non-rechargeable battery powers the amazing device, and has a life of approximately 1 hour (or 30 minutes if you are watching invisible video). New batteries can be purchased from Apple for $200 after this.

Initially, the new iPod will be available in 200GB, 400GB, and 1TB models, providing plenty of space for all of the music, videos, and photos you could ever dream of (please note, you will have to dream of the music, videos, and photos for the iPod to be effective).

Apple engineer Carlos iMendez said of the Mute: “No one has ever experienced audio or video like this. It stimulates the brain more than a book, for the price of 1000 of them.”

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  1. You’re an odd individual, you are.

  2. You should put a fake advertisement on the sidebar for the new iPod Mute.

  3. ???
    ….so im gona pay lik $150 or so…..on a ipod mute…that plays music silently?….along with an infisible screen that plays invisible videos….4 30min then shutsoff?…..n the bateries are $200?

    ROFL how bout the iGullable!

    fuckin jackass lol i belived it until the unrecharable battery thing

  4. This is impressive gift by the apple.Mostly youngsters play music on a high volume,which is really bad for their health and mind so this is useful i pod for them.

  5. wow this is a piece of crap… what kind of fucking bitch would buy this? DAMN HOW stupid do you think we are

  6. “Cool! It sounds great!” “Honestly, I’m starting to hate my iPod touch… i preffer the mute one 1,000 times!” ROFL! How stupid…


  7. u an totally tell that he just pastes the pic on back of the ipod shuffle nd used the txt tool to right iPod then ripped off some ear buds

  8. where can i get the earphones form

  9. totally fake and even if it was real i wouldnt buy it because of the price i mean seriously how stupid do you think i am

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