Posted by: Brad | March 8, 2009

South Australians Wonder Why Water is Falling from Sky

The wonderous 'sky-water', along with a 'sky-water-bow'.

The wondrous 'sky-water', along with a 'sky-water-bow'.

Residents of the Australian state of South Australia have begun wondering why water is falling from the sky – an event that most people thought was merely a folk tale.

Known as ‘rain’ to most people, the word has fallen out of South Australians’ vocabulary, as a result of the rarity of the event. English teachers have rushed to re-introduce the word into their students’ vocabularies, and news reporters have been forced to refer to rain as ‘sky-water’ in order to avoid confusion.

One elderly resident said: “I remember seeing this sky-water back in the 30s. We used to collect it and drink it, but these days kids don’t know even know where water comes from. I heard one youngster say it came from ‘ya face‘, but I don’t know what he meant.”

The rain is not expected to continue for much longer, but while it does fall, you can be sure the South Australians are staring to the heavens and hoping the sky doesn’t fall on them.

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  1. I heard of a similar thing in new Orleans a few months ago. Residents there were marveling over white flaky stuff that fell from the sky.

    • White flaky stuff!? Oh, no – it’s the moon falling to pieces! 😀

  2. This phenomenon is being reported more often of late. When asked, Al Gore told reporters, “It’s that damn global warming that I invented!”

    • Hehehe! It’s true, he did invent global warming… 😀

  3. Does Australia ever get snow?

    • Yeah, in the eastern states, particularly on the aptly-named Snowy Mountains, but not here 😦

  4. Let’s warn the residents to expect evangelists who will preach that the end is near.
    The end of summer is still a long way.

  5. I love Christian Slater’s South Australian film, “Hard Sky-Water,” and I look forward to Michael Douglas’ upcoming “Black Sky-Water.”

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