Posted by: Brad | February 25, 2009

Say Hello to Chairman roflMao

"Hello," says the glorious roflMao!

"Hello," says the glorious roflMao!

It’s something that I wrote about many moons (okay, about three months) ago, but have now put into action – a blog about stupid laws that should exist in your ideal dictatorship.

It’s called Chairman roflMao, and I recommend checking it out and perhaps submitting. And yes, this is shameless self-promotion 😉 If you can think of a funny (it must be funny) law for your ideal dictatorship, simply explain it in the submission form, and it if I like it (which is pretty likely), it should get published promptly by the amazing Communist blogging machine.

Enjoy! *

* Enjoyment of the aforementioned blog is not guaranteed, however the Chairman requires you to smirk, grin, or lightly chuckle at even the most unfunny of posts.



  1. The site looks great Brad. I’ve always wanted an opportunity to impose arbitrary and unfair laws! I’ll be sure to submit.

    • Thanks! It’s just like a convenience store, only bigger! 😛

      • Brad. I’ve put WOrdpump on my site as the “website special of the week.” If you’d prefer it to be the Chairman just let me know (leave a note at the store or send an email) and I’ll switch it up. If not, I’ll add the Chairman to the list!

        The site really does look good. It’s a nice clean theme

  2. I submitted and have never been happier. Submitting to the chairman has been the turning poing in my running-dog life.

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