Posted by: Brad | February 6, 2009

Harry Potter Injured by Broomstick

Harry Potter before the incident.

Harry Potter before the incident.

The world’s most famous child magician, Harry Potter, has been taken to Hogspital following a painful encounter with a broomstick while playing Quidditch – his favourite sport.

Potter was flying on the broomstick, when a spectator yelled a personal remark about his suspicious relationship with Ron Weasley. His broom collapsed and he fell several metres onto it, lodging it in ‘an uncomfortable region’. We are unsure what the sources meant by this.

Potter was taken to the Hogspital – Hogswart’s on-campus hospital – where he underwent a delicate procedure in which the broomstick was removed from his ‘uncomfortable region’, using a magic spell and plenty of elbow grease.

He is expected to fully recover, but may not be able to walk, sit, or ride on a broomstick for several weeks. He was unavailable to comment on his relationship with Ron Weasley.

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  1. reminds me of the hermione broomstick fiasco on her 17th birthday.


  2. I submitted it to digg. I noticed that you have a nice three button submit at the bottom of your post.

    Did you know you can also put a digg button on your post that shows number of diggs?

    If you don’t know the code I can give to you if you like.

    And I hope that Potter’s bum heals.

  3. Actually here is the html if you want to use it:


    I bet this won’t work and will show up as an actually digg button

  4. @newman: Broomsticks are very dangerous if not treated properly 😉

    @Unknown Nobody: Thanks for Digging 😀 I experimented with that shortcode with my earlier posts, and I think it’s pretty cool except for the requirement to Digg before placing the button. I might try playing with some JavaScript when (if) I get self-hosted WordPress.

  5. I don’t know anything about this potter person but while he has a broom handle up his ass perhaps he could walk around my store and give it a quick sweep.
    Thanks! Good post.

  6. I just read today that it is not Google friendly to digg one’s self. I didn’t know this.

    It would be nice to have the code without having to digg ourselves.

    I have thought about going to a self hosted site through but right now they are updating their 1-click auto installer.

    I have read about how and even tried to down load but I haven’t been successful.

  7. OMG! See I always thought they looked at each other kind of funny.
    ((this is Betty by the way, I’m using Joe’s computer & didn’t want to log him out))

  8. @Ram: LOL! That would be quite convenient 😀

    @Unknown Nobody: Hmm, that’s weird. I knew it was frowned upon on Reddit, but not Digg. I looked into 000webhost, but I just get this sense that there’s gotta be a catch. I’m not pessimistic or anything 😉

    @Betty: Hehehe! The things that go on at Hogwarts…

  9. […] pun for John McClane. Really, Han Solo too? How could anyone even think that up as a joke? Harry Potter flies on a broomstick. A freaking […]

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