Posted by: Brad | February 1, 2009

Microsoft Bob Software Re-Released

The famous 'Toad' on Microsoft Bob's login screen.

The famous 'Toad' on the eye-straining new Microsoft Bob loading screen. We do not recommend staring at this image.

Almost 14 years after it was first released, Microsoft Bob – software that makes your desktop look like a house – has again hit the shelves, this time developed by Nintendo and sold under the Microsoft name.

Bob – which was originally a market flop – has been overhauled by Nintendo, and now features a Japanese-speaking mushroom as the mascot. Instead of the original ‘homely’ backgrounds, the new version also includes a ‘disco’ skin, featuring an on-screen strobe light.

We talked to Bob’s head developer, Hirohito Yamahatchi, who said: “I find the Windows desktop to be very bland and professional, so we wanted to make the Bob more exciting. We mixed the colour palette very nicely, so that it actually burns onto your retina. It makes the experience last so much longer – our test subjects reported seeing a mushroom for a week after initially using the software.”

You can secure your copy of Bob by completing the final level on Super Mario 64 and pressing every button on your Nintendo 64 controller simultaneously.

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  1. Toad Rocks!

    I remember when I purchased my 64. I can’t remember but I think it came with Mario 64.

    It was supposed to come with two controllers also. When I got home it only had one controller in the box. I took it back and got my extra controller.

    I don’t think I ever completed every level.

    *Quick WordPress tip: I have received over 500 hits today because I wrote a dinky post two weeks ago asking the question, “who will win the super bowl?” I have two photos on it and and them linked to my site. Between britney spears and that super bowl post i have beat my all time high of visits in one day. Didn’t even need club penguin this time. 🙂 so the tip? post about the super bowl.

  2. I concur with unknown nobody (and that’s just a general truism).

    Toad totally rocks!

    That is the first and last time you will see Ram using that phrase.

  3. @Unknown Nobody: Same here – I’ve never completed an entire 64 game. Would that be Google Image Search giving you those hits?

    @Ram: Surely you’ve said that phrase before – perhaps referring to a frog-like creature playing guitar 😀

  4. It was Google Image Search. I have a Steelers Picture that was accredited to my blog right on the first page for a whole day. Sadly not anymore. I don’t even know how my blog ended up on the first page, so I am not sure how to repeat this success.

    I ended up getting a record breaking 1510 hits and maybe half of those was because of one picture.

    I usually average 200-300 hits and most of those are split between that penguins post I did, though that is dwindling and a post I did about Britney Spears getting her Twitter account stolen (This one also because of a picture).

    This is the best site, hits wise, that I have ever had. I don’t even have to log out and visit my own site 500 times a day 😀

  5. Ok I totally think that some of those people were not only watching a mushroom dude run around their screen but they must have had something else to be seeing a mushroom after a week. lol!

  6. Looks like I have to rethink my view of Microsoft…Is it coincidence that they revamped Bob after the exit of Bill Gates…I think not!

  7. […] was Microsoft’s attempt to win over those too challenged to use a computer by making cute little cartoon characters to help guide you through using a computer. The solution is not to make cartoons for grownups and […]

  8. Bob, ME, and Vista. Just like Startrek 1, 3, and 5.

  9. I just want a version of MS BoB that works on any Windows platform of todays computers.

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