Posted by: Brad | January 27, 2009

Weatherman’s Report Found to be Inaccurate

weatherIn a shocking turn of events, a respected weatherman has been disgraced by accusations that the facts presented in his reports were inaccurate, sometimes quite significantly.

John Hailstone, of Flox News, is alleged to have forecast ‘rain’ when in fact the weather was ‘rainy’ and ‘lovely weather’ when the actual weather was ‘delightful’. His most misleading statement, however, was a temperature report of 5.65°C – an enormous 0.01°C away from the actual temperature of 5.64°C.

His superiors from the Flox Network said that these discrepancies were ‘unacceptable and disgusting’.

Hailstone said: “I tried to be creative in my reports and may have used words that were more descriptive and ‘fancy’ than the meteorologists intended. I am sorry to anyone I have mislead.”

Hailstone will face court on Wednesday, providing the weather is sunny.

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  1. Might be Flox News think they’re God. They should change their name to FLAX.

  2. John Hailstone has always been off. He predicted 23.5 cm of snow here, but we only received 23.4cm.

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