Posted by: Brad | January 23, 2009

Minnesota Man Explodes after Leaving a Comment on a Blog

We recommend not looking at this image, as your head may explode. You should not comment either.

We recommend not looking at this image, as your head may explode like DeBraber's. Please do, however, leave a comment.

After spending years lurking in the blogosphere, Helmond DeBraber’s life came to a sudden end when he decided to leave his first comment on a joke thread.  After simply typing ‘LMFAO’, DeBraber exploded, leaving nothing but charred remains on a swivel chair.

“He loved reading blogs,” his wife told reporters, “but he never commented.  He knew he was aggravating the bloggers by running up their stats but not leaving a trace…but he just liked to hang in the shadows, usually pantless.”

Detectives at the scene looked at the blog in question and found that, despite popular opinion, the site Helmond was reading at the time was not funny at all.

“We feel pretty certain that laughter did not cause his demise,” relayed police, “but rather the simple act of leaving a comment.  For many people, they simply can not do it.  Sure, they will read this stuff all day long, but refuse to participate.  When they do, the stress is usually too great for them to handle.”

Police urge people to not leave comments on blogs – or interact with the human species on any level whatsoever.

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  1. Good post buddy.

    Uh, Brad, maybe I am tired but I can’t figure out how you did that picture.

  2. lol. Oh, NO. I left a comment. *BOOM*

  3. uh oh. I have a comment addicton and need help. I guess the only thing that can help me is death….

  4. @U. Nobody: I published the post without any picture, then took a screenshot, then put that screenshot in the post, then took a screenshot of that, and so on. You shouldn’t have looked at it though 😛

    @quagmires & goodbadandugly2: Don’t worry, this blog is a comment-and-your-head-explodes-safe-zone 😀

  5. Damn….you stole all my comments Brad…now go clean your colon!

  6. That was hilarious! Betty has warned me of this; but I like to live dangerously. LOL

  7. I’m more awake now and that made since Brad.

  8. Comment.

    I am still alive.

    Now on to these colon stories I been hearing about!!

  9. He he… that made me giggle. Frankly, I am a lurker on some blogs and a commenter on some.

    But I love, love, love comments. Comments are like candy:)

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