Posted by: Brad | January 22, 2009

Skeletal Spice: An Exclusive Insight

Victoria Beckham's use of shoulder pads disguises her lack of actual shoulders.

Victoria Beckham's use of shoulder pads disguises her lack of actual shoulders.

Recent photos of Victoria Beckham, 34, modelling for Emporio Armani women’s underwear have caused considerable stir in the media. The hotly anticipated advertising campaign featuring the Bride of Beckman will air in the spring of 2009 but the real story may be the unusual lengths that photographers had to go to in order to make the Posh snaps palatable to the public.

“In most instances, we airbrush the little tummy bulges, the cellulite, the effects of gravity” laughed Gideon Corn, one of the eunich photographers handpicked and castrated by David Beckham to work on the shoot, “but with Vics, we actually had to airbrush some weight onto her.  Not only can you see her ribs, you can actually see the outline of her lungs, heart and spleen. It’s a little unnerving. She’s like a really chic mummified corpse.”

According to Corn, the rail-thin Beckham was challenging to photograph. “She weighs 39 pounds and most of that is her hair and breasts, so she has trouble keeping her head upright. It keeps lolling back and forth. We had to use strings, like a puppet.”

Those close to the scene state that Beckham was also difficult to work with. An undisclosed Armani rep said that Beckham was incoherent on set and prone to fits of panic, rage and manic harmonization.  She went on to say that while Beckham may present well publically, in private she was tawdry, cheap and trashy.

“Fortunately,” she added, “this was just the look we were going for at Armani.”

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  1. LOL!
    She is way too skinny, She looks like the skeleton we put out for Halloween only with skin. Funny Story.

    BTW Joe and I got a kick out of the Shrimp Running On A Treadmill vid. Thanks 🙂

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