Posted by: Brad | January 18, 2009


I WANT YOU TO WIN!Seems about time for WordPump to hold a little competition – so I shall. To enter, you just need to submit a short, funny, preferably untrue news story, and if I laugh (which is pretty likely – I laugh at ducks crossing the road), I will publish it here on WordPump.

The first person to submit a funny news story (that gets published) will win a large banner place (180 x 200 pixels) on the sidebar linking to your blog/website/etc, for one week.

The second person to submit a similarly hilarious news story (that gets published), will get a banner place right underneath, but half the height (180 x 100 pixels).

This will continue for the third and fourth places.

More info about submitting can be found on the submission page.

Good luck (not that you need it)! 😀

Submit Now!



  1. I’m just not as creative, I don’t know how you do it. You always come up with the greatest stories.

  2. Thanks, Betty!

  3. That’s a great idea!

  4. Thanks Joe!

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