Posted by: Brad | January 14, 2009

Ronald McDonald Arrested after Gang War with Burger King

Ronald McDonald with the car used in the drive-by shooting.

Ronald McDonald with the car used in the drive-by shooting.

McDonald’s famous mascot Ronald McDonald has gotten himself in hot water following a gang war between his ‘crew’ and Burger King’s ‘homies’, on the streets of Los Angeles.

It is alleged that McDonald instigated the fight as a result of a drive-by shooting (using ketchup) in the Burger King’s ‘hood’. His ‘crew’ of over 50 clowns then proceeded to jump out of their Volkswagen Beetle, and opened fire on the Burger King gang.

At this point, we believe that the Burger King called upon reinforcements, and a very bloody battle ensued.

Fighting continued for hours until police and SWAT teams arrived. We believe military personnel may have also been lowered in via helicopter.

One witness said: “There was ketchup everywhere! It was on the ground, on people’s clothes, on their weapons – it was just madness! There was just a horrible smell of lard. I’m sorry, it’s just too horrific.”

When interrogated about his reasoning, a wounded McDonald cited being influenced by the Grand Theft Auto series of games. The investigation is ongoing.

Above: A re-enactment of the incident.

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  1. Shocking but not surprising. THere is also a turf war coming between the Shriners and the Elks. Tiny cars, men in hats and lots of guns. Be afraid.

  2. hehe you should check out the “mcdonald is insane” videos they are a hit!

  3. What the crap? The voice from Hardee’s (God) will have His vengeance…

  4. This is EXACTLY why I left California for the small town life, but we have a McDonalds and a Burger King in our tiny town. Thats just friggin great…

  5. @Ram Venkatararam: Lol – tiny cars, men in hats and lots of guns 😀

    @Samuel Caragan: Are they the Japanese McDonald’s ads that melt your mind? ‘Cos I’ve seen them. They are scary 😀

    @U. Nobody: Hardee’s is quite good – it could well be the God of fast food…

    @grasshopper: They’re everywhere… Maybe if they fight among themselves they’ll reduce their numbers 😀

    • Deep thinking – adds a new dimosnien to it all.

  6. The King sho’ put the sMcDown on Ronnie!

  7. Fo shizzle in da nizzle wizzle dizzle zizzle xizzle, sgottahurtizzle! 😀

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