Posted by: Brad | January 13, 2009

Putting Makeup on a Pig Actually Works

Before the makeover, the pig looked very similar to this photo.

Before the makeover, the pig looked very similar to this photo.

Made famous by Barack Obama during his election campaign, the saying: “You can put makeup on a pig, but guess what? It’s still a pig!” has been proven incorrect.

A team of Alaskan researchers secured a pig, and told a makeup artist to ‘make the pig look beautiful’. After approximately 15 minutes, the artist completed the makeover and the scientists used samples of blood, visual observation, and behavioural analysis to compare the ‘pretty’ pig with itself before the makeover.

The results were astounding. They found that the pig had developed significantly more human DNA, gained the vague appearance of a ‘hockey mom’, and had inexplicable urges to run for vice-presidential candidate.

The scientists involved in the project hope to replicate their results to the board of the Nature journal, and if they succeed, political analysts believe that the fallout could be immense on President-elect Obama. His misleading statement that makeup cannot change a pig may have swayed voters towards him, and may result in a recount.

When asked about the statement, Mr. Obama said, “It was just a humorous remark intended to be a witty response to Sarah Palin’s earlier jokes that the only difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom was lipstick. I don’t believe it mislead voters.”

Nature officials intend to decide on the experiment’s validity on Thursday.

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  1. Obama would say that, wouldn’t he! 😉

  2. Yeah, I think he actually knew that makeup turned a pig into a hockey mom 😀

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