Posted by: Brad | January 10, 2009

Pigeon Disobeys Employer, Launches Attack on World

The pigeon working just prior to the incident.

The pigeon working just prior to the incident.

A disgruntled pigeon employed to sort search results for Google has hacked into Google’s California servers, using them to alter users’ results and confuse the general populace.

The blogosphere has already lit up about a change to Google’s ‘favicon’ – the icon one sees in their address bar when visiting a website. We believe this is the first step in the pigeon’s ultimate plan to take over the world.

Google officials stated this morning that they do not know where the pigeon is operating from, but suspect it may be hidden inside a server rack in their Mountain View, California headquarters.

Employees hope to lure the bird with trails of seed and ‘seductive’ birdcalls whose English translation we cannot publish. If this method fails, Google co-founder Larry Page said: “We will be forced to censor the bird, like we do in China.”

Meanwhile, we recommend firing a weapon into the air wildly to pass the time.

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  1. But if I fire my weapon into the air won’t I possibly shoot the pigeon?

  2. Yikes they are already starting to out number us in some parts of the world as you can see this poor little girl has no hope. lol!

    I don’t like the new google icon 😦

  3. @U. Nobody: Good point 😀 Although if you did happen to shoot the pigeon, it’d be a public service 😛

    @Betty: Hehehe! That video just screams to me: “Infections! Infections! Come get your infections!”
    I agree with you on the Google logo. It’s too colourful for Google’s plain white page design.

  4. There is a video similar to this it is about not to scream at your computer because it could be bad.

  5. Talk about a bad week for companies & birds.. *cough * cough* But seriously, that was a miracle no one was killed.

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