Posted by: Brad | January 6, 2009

Marketers Discover Dollar Sign looks like an ‘S’

When viewed side-by-side, the vague similarities between an 'S' and a dollar sign become mildly apparent.

When viewed side-by-side, the vague similarities between an 'S' and a dollar sign become mildly apparent.

Following an intense brainstorming session, a Californian marketing team has come to the conclusion that the dollar sign ($) very closely resembles an ‘S’ with a line through it. They believe that this will have an enormous impact on creative sign-writing techniques, for example: “$ale! $ale! $ale! Everything mu$t go!”

When asked about the discovery, the marketing supervisor John Yoosedcarsayelsman said: “We stayed up all night, surviving on pizza, coffee and Chinese, contemplating the dollar sign and how it could be used in our client’s sales pitch. A light went on in my head, and I yelled out, ‘It looks like an S!’ That was an emotional moment.”

This discovery follows a German discovery that the Euro sign (€) looks like an ‘E”, and a Japanese discovery that the Yen sign (Â¥) looks like a ‘Y’. English researchers believe that they are close to finding what the pound sign (£) resembles.

Financial experts speculate that these amazing breakthroughs are a result of marketers working harder under the recent economic downturn, however nutritionists believe that it is a direct result of a reduction of MSG in Chinese food.

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  1. The pound sign resembles an L for loser, right?

    Just kidding to all you Brits.

    Hey Brad I like your site. Would you be interested in trading links with my site?

    If yes let me know and I will get you added.

  2. WoW, I thought that was the new Sports Illustrated symbol?

  3. @Unknown Nobody: I’M BRITISH!! Not really 😉 And yeah, I’ll trade links 🙂

    @Joe: You’re right! I guess this new discovery really has impacted marketers… 😀

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