Posted by: Brad | December 28, 2008

Woman Discovers Furby Attacking iPhone

A re-enactment of the incident.

A re-enactment of the incident.

A woman who received an Apple iPhone as a Christmas gift discovered, late yesterday, it had been attacked by a Furby she was given in 1998. She was able to calm the Furby by removing its batteries, and the iPhone was left with only scratches.

The Furby is believed to have attacked the iPhone out of jealousy, as it was once the must-have craze, just like the iPhone is now. It discovered that its cuddly exterior and lovable/annoying antics were no match for the iPhone’s jack-of-all-tradedness.

The Furby’s owner, Sarah Hasbro, couldn’t even remember having the Furby in her possession: “I knew that I was given one back in 1998, but once the fad wore off, I put it in a cupboard somewhere and forgot about it.”

Upon completing her sentence, Miss Hasbro noticed the Furby gnawing at her leg, and proceeded to run around the house screaming and kicking at it. We were able to subdue it with a shotgun.

If you notice a long-lost Furby acting strangely, do not hesitate to kick it. In case you were unsure, it is not a real animal, so this method is completely acceptable.

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  1. Twisted! I like your sense of humor!

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