Posted by: Brad | December 27, 2008

Santa Flys Over Area 51, Chaos Ensues

A sighting of Santa just prior to the incident.

A sighting of Santa just prior to the incident.

A faulty GPS device on Santa’s sleigh caused him to fly into the restricted airspace of Area 51, a very secretive US Air Force base. Military authorities report firing at the sleigh, which subsequently crashed into an alien aircraft sitting on the ground. Mr. Claus and all of his reindeer survived the impact, and the sleigh was not significantly damaged.

A furious Mr. Claus pounced on soldiers from his crashed sleigh, and threatened them with a novelty water pistol. The soldiers were able to subdue him, by using a Men-in-Black-esque memory wiper, and he returned to his sleigh to continue his very important job.

No delays were reported, however the effects of the amnesia device caused some embarrasing mistakes in the delivery of gifts, most notably a young girl who was given a nuclear weapon intended for Kim Jong-il.

A belated ‘Merry Christmas’ for all WordPump readers, and a not-so-belated ‘Happy New Year!’

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  1. This would explain the mix up, have read lots of blogs stating they had gotten gifts intended for someone else. Thanks for clarifying it. 😉

  2. I just heard that the girl is now under interrogation by the CIA.

  3. Don not underestimate the terrorism of Santa Claus!

  4. I wonder under whose orders?

  5. We are establishing new ===Guinness World Record=== Be a PART OF IT here:

  6. @Betty: My pleasure to clarify. I got a piece of an alien spacecraft, so I’m not complaining 😀

    @pochp: Hehehe… Her bad luck 😛

    @Mike O: Santa’s been under investigation for many years, they just can’t find him! Sounds like someone else who’s on the run…

    @Julia: Something smells slightly spammy, but I’ll let it slide. Looks like an interesting project 😉

  7. Julia: when I replied to your site, my pc started hanging. Better check for virus or spyware.

  8. Sweet! Are you going to put it up on ebay? lol

  9. Now that’s an idea… I don’t wanna be put under investigation though 😀

    On a completely unrelated matter, I thought I’d point out to pochp that your linky to the usernamey bloggy thingo needs a bit of a tweak.

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