Posted by: Brad | December 24, 2008

Blurry-faced People Infiltrate the News

Blurry-faced people as seen on Google Street View

Blurry-faced people as seen on Google Street View.

A recent surge in the appearance of blurry-faced people on television news broadcasts has triggered a Government investigation into the origins of these people, and if they pose any risk to human life.

It is believed that these people are NOT human, but in fact hail from the planet of Blurfacia. This planet was named by a creative team of Government agents, in order to create a working title for their extermination operation: Operation Blurfacia. Again, this is a very creative and abstract title.

Not only have these people appeared on television, but they are making themselves prominent on Google Streetview. Authorities are consulting Google to use their advanced record-keeping technology to track down these Blurfacians, and interrogate them at Guantanamo Bay, while it’s still operating.

Government officials have stated that these people could launch an attack at any time, and backed-up this statement with evidence from War of the Worlds, because Tom Cruise is considered a reliable source.

The planet of Blurfacia, featuring its distinctive 'censored' appearance.

The planet of Blurfacia, featuring its distinctive 'censored' appearance.

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  1. I’ve visited Blurfacia several times. My trips coincide with 6 or moreshots of Wild Turkey. They’re very tall in their natural habitat or I was laying down when I saw them. Oh well, visit me at and read “Claus and the Consultant,” for some holiday humor.

  2. Hey Brad, you’re biased! You believe in Blurfacians but not the Martians and Venusians and…

  3. @sandysays1: I’m sure that’s just a coincidence with the Wild Turkey and your visits to Blurfacia.

    @pochp: There’s some solid evidence of Blurfacians, but until a Martian, Venusian, and Santa walk up to me and I can see that it’s not a suit, I can’t be sure that they exist 😛

  4. There’s another species you forgot to mention: The Digigenitals… They keep reproducing, but no one can figure out how!

  5. Okay… Digigenitals didn’t go over too well… how about Pixiprivies?

  6. @sgottahurt: I like, I like. I just get this feeling that these creatures are fictitious. Blurfacians, of course, are fact 😀

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