Posted by: Brad | December 20, 2008

WordPump now Accepting Submissions

Submit to WordPump
In line with the requirements of this blog’s Communist overlords, I am required to allow anyone to write articles for WordPump, so long as they contain distorted facts and/or half-truths.

Seriously though, I am launching this new level of interactivity to draw more of a community to WordPump, and achieve the blog’s goals of world-domination.

Please feel welcome to write a humorous news story, and submit it for my evaluation, consideration and publication. Yes, that rhymes.

Full credit will be given to any writer who gets their story published on the blog, including any relevant links to your website/blog/etc. Your chances of getting featured are actually quite good, as long as your story is half-decent.

I’m looking forward to publishing your submissions!

Submit Now!



  1. Hey that’s a great idea!
    Good luck on your world-domination 😉

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