Posted by: Brad | December 19, 2008

Gaping Hole in IE may let Leprechauns In

A Internet Explorer-invading leprechaun.

A Internet Explorer-invading leprechaun.

The recently discovered security flaw in Internet Explorer has been revealed to allow leprechauns into users’ computers, during which time they wreak havoc on the Operating System.

Evidence has been found that indicates the leprechauns may gain access to a user’s hard disk, and fill it with Guinness to short its electric motors. Upon doing this, they use the mystical magnetic properties of potatoes to erase all data, and replace Windows with the evil Mac OS X ‘Kitteh’.

Microsoft’s patch cannot remove the leprechauns from a PC, and they will continue to steal and corrupt your data, much like Google allegedly do on a daily basis*. The only way to lure the leprechauns out is to leave Lucky Charms next to your computer overnight, along with a mouse trap.

We recommend switching to Firefox or Chrome, as leprechauns are scared of foxes and bright metallic objects.

* Please don’t sue me…

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  1. I HATE MS Leprechauns…basically I just hate the Irish

  2. Ever since Bill Gates realeased them there’s been nothing but trouble 😀

  3. Ok I’m going to leave lucky charms next to my computer at work. I believe that is what the problem is what that thing! Today I almost threw it out the window. Thank goodness I have a mac at home! lol

  4. I love Lucky Charms. I don’t know if I’ll be able to share. I’ve been a proud PC user for well over 10 years now. I’ve never lost a computer to a virus and I won’t use anything else. I guess I just know how to use them! Lol.

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