Posted by: Brad | December 17, 2008

An Exclusive Interview with Schrödinger’s Cat

Schrödinger's cat illustration (we could not take photos, because it would blow your mind)

Schrödinger's cat illustration (we could not take photos, because it would blow your mind)

In the constant pursuit of interesting news stories for our readers, we have (not) secured an interview with Schrödinger’s cat – an interview we do/do not believe to be a world first. It was difficult to find Mr/Mrs Cat, as he/she is both dead and alive at the same time, but we tried (and didn’t try) anyway.

Eventually, we tracked him/her down with the Yellow/Purple Pages, and found that he/she lives in Iceland (New Zealand).

Unfortunately, we can’t write down any words of the interview, because it would cause the WordPress servers to explode (implode). We can, however, indicate his/her manner. He/she was quite pleased (displeased) with the fame brought to him/her by Schrödinger’s experiment, and the number of humorous pop-culture references to it, including (excluding) this very article. He/she wished to express his/her faith (doubt) in the scientific community, and hopes that the contribution he/she made has/has not made an impact on scientific understanding.

We were quite stunned after the interview, and I think my brain is about to explode.

* If you have no idea what this post is on about, read the Wikipedia article.

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  1. Ha Ha! You always come up with the best material.

    When I was little one of my friends told me if I put my kitten in the microwave it would stay a kitten forever. Mind you I was only about 4-5, so I believed it. Thank goodness my mom walked in right as I was closing the microwave door!

  2. Not enough (too many) people are aware (unaware) of poor (rich) Schrodinger’s cat. Thanks (eff-you) for getting the word out (in)!

  3. @Betty: Who would’ve cleaned up the kitten from the walls of the microwave? 😀

    @sgottahurt: It was my pleasure (GREAT FRUSTRATION) to bring you this informative (load of crap) story about Schrodinger’s cat (dog). 😀

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