Posted by: Brad | December 12, 2008

Endeavour Piggy-backed Home

EndeavourFollowing a 16-day mission, the Space Shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth on November 30th, and was piggy-backed on December 11th back to its home at the Kennedy Space Center.

It’s a photo that makes you look twice, and in my case, triggers a giggle. I’m not immature… Don’t judge me 😛

I wonder how many planes a 747 can carry at once? Now that would be a funny picture: a 747 carrying a slightly smaller plane, carrying a smaller plane, carrying an even smaller plane, until you’re down to an ultralight. That would be the ultimate in passenger-carrying capability – forget the Airbus A380!

That puts me in mind of this photo:




  1. This is how Cessna’s are created…

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