Posted by: Brad | December 6, 2008

Random Freakish Websites – Cuil

CuilCuil (pronounced ‘cool’) is a reasonably new search engine, which is known for its irrelevant search results and mis-matched thumbnails. Cuil had a lot of potential and hype about its launch, but did not live up to expectations.

For example, a search for ‘mint‘ will return results for the US Mint, but no results for the plant or flavour. The first result for ‘america‘ is AOL, which doesn’t even have the correct thumbnail. After searching for less than one minute, I discovered that this search engine was about as accurate as the old guy in the corner of an Irish pub, who had a bit too much to drink. Sure, his stories are great, but you know he wasn’t really the one who chased the snakes out of Ireland šŸ™‚

It’s a great concept, but I think we’ve all discovered that Google’s ranking system is much more relevant, and Cuil is either ahead or behind the times.



  1. I had a similar experience using Cuil. In general its search results are not even close to as relevant as Google’s.

    However every once and a while, especially if you’re searching for something off the beaten path, it will return something pretty interesting

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