Posted by: Brad | December 5, 2008

It is Possible to Steal the Empire State Building

When I first read this story, it reminded me of a Simpsons episode, where Bart was told he would one day be stealing stadiums and quarries. The New York Daily News has proved it is possible to steal the rights to a very significant building: the Empire State Building, in fact.

By fraudulently filing some documents, they ‘stole’ the deed from Empire State Land Associates, then returned it the following day. Personally, I would have kept it for the bragging rights, but this newspaper obviously didn’t want to get in trouble.

This gives me an idea. The Empire State Building is a bit large-scale, so I could steal a small town, say London, using the same strategy 😉 Big Ben will be ordered to play Queen songs, the British Prime Minister will become Bono, and the London Eye will be an actual eye that I can see through. It’s all part of my five-step plan of world-domination 😉



  1. Cool, where was this take from? Or what is that building to the left of it, with the cool roof top? Is it a bar?? 😉

    • Thanks! Sorry, I couldn’t tell you that because this photo is from Wikipedia.

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