Posted by: Brad | December 4, 2008

Red Pen too Aggressive

According to the Queensland Government, teachers should not mark students’ work with red pens, because it could give them mental illnesses. I’m not joking. Apparently red is a very aggressive colour, and it could cause students’ heads to blow up.

Before the 70s (or thereabouts), students could be punished with a whack from a ruler, and the Baby Boomer generation is not particularly screwed-up. So is red slowly destroying our sensitive minds? Pfft. People my age shoot each other (in online games), and authorities are scared of us seeing red.

Schools in Melbourne have already banned the word ‘blackboard’ because it could be seen as racist. And Santa can’t say ‘Ho, ho, ho’ anymore because it’s offensive to prostitutes. What’s next!? The subject of English is racist because English people aren’t the only people who speak English!?

Ah! I just saw the colour red somewhere on my computer screen, so I’m going to run and hide in a corner 😉



  1. Funny stuff. You’ve got to wonder when this stuff is going to stop. I was whacked with a ruler, spanked with a paddle with holes drilled into it (less wind resistance, you see), and kicked in the ass by a nun, and I’ve only killed a couple of people. Ha!

  2. Our kids are going to grow up to be weenies.

  3. hey Brad, Thanks for your comment on my blog. 🙂

    Oh yeah, all this political correctness bullcrap? Just drives me nuts. Sometimes you wonder if those people have any better things to do than worrying about red ink on paper. Geez!

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