Posted by: Brad | November 25, 2008

Random Freakishly Cool Websites – Typing Speed Test

I stumbled upon this website during a challenge between friends as to who could type the fastest. I won. For some strange reason, it’s actually fun to see that you are a way better typist than your friends, who then tease you because you spend too much time at a keyboard 😉

The site even gives you a rank among all the users of the test, but the top ones must have been copy-and-paste cheating jobs, for sure. They obviously do not have a mastery of the keyboard!

I got 46 words per minute in a test I just did, but I think I can do better… Try it out for yourself, and post your result in the comments.



  1. Yes, I have an officially measured speed better than that (65-70 wpm, not counting errors). Yes, I spend way too much time at the keyboard. No, I’m not going to prove how fast I am via your silly test, because under pressure I’d probably crack. 😀

  2. I’ll blame my crappy score on cracking under pressure. I could probably write ‘War and Peace’ and melt my keyboard in under 2 seconds normally 😀

  3. I got 70 wpm, which is about what I expected. This was a difficult test, because the words didn’t make sense in relation to one another. For some reason I find it much more difficult to type random words strung together.

  4. I found the same thing. Writing from words already in my head is easier, but having to read them on-the-fly, then type them is more difficult.

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