Posted by: Brad | November 23, 2008

Will Chrome win the Browser War?

Hey, I know this website from somewhere...

Hey, I know this website from somewhere...

It has been suggested by Google’s vice president, Sundar Pichai, that after Chrome exits beta (in January 2009), Google might do deals with OEMs to equip new PCs with Chrome by default. This might finally kick Internet Explorer out of the top browser position after 9 years.

Before Chrome came along, I had no reason to use Firefox or anything else – they were basically the same speed, and IE looked shiny 😉 When I saw Chrome, however, I realised it was faster and shinier, so it became my default browser. Early on, it had problems with Flash (visiting YouTube was frustrating), but an update fixed that.

People say that Google collects all of your browsing information, but hey, they’re not gonna sit around giggling at your repeated visits to little porcelain doll auctions on eBay, are they?

When IE8 comes along, I might change my mind. But right now, I’m sticking with my shiny, shiny Chrome.



  1. I propose one of the ways to test the shininess of a browser is to take a picture of it with a digital camera and see if it captures its own flash.

  2. That is a very intriguing idea. I shall try it immediately! 😉

  3. I switched to FireFox 2 because it’ll enlarge text. That was compelling. FireFox 3 will enlarge the whole page maintaining formatting. It’s not as smooth as mobileSafari, but it make the web readable.

  4. Google *might*, however, sit around giggling at your visits to (should you make them, perish the thought).

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