Posted by: Brad | November 15, 2008

Cat Sends out Bid to Obama Family

Vladmir the Russian Blue, of Fakeville, Virginia, has sent out a bid to the Obama household to become the First Cat.

He said in an exclusive interview yesterday, “I’m not a mutt, like those foolish dogs Mr. Obama is worried about. I’m cute, lovable, and very calm, unlike that Bush dog!”

He then fell into a rage, muttering words like ‘Bush’, ‘stooge’, then something along the lines of ‘Stupid Americans’, ‘Russia’, ‘Go Palin’, and ‘I’ll take over the White House and rule the world’. Or something like that.

He left the room to calm down and sip from his Vodka bowl, before asking us to leave: “I’m sorry about my display just then, but I think it’s best to stop this interview here.”

Following the interview, we pondered the idea of this cat being in the White House, but decided it would be a threat to National Security.

Sarah Palin’s cat declined an interview:


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