Posted by: Brad | October 28, 2008

Poll Reveals Some Interesting Results ;)

In an interesting result, the poll I held about a week ago (“Do you wish you were a punk rocker, with flowers in your hair”), got a whopping 9 votes! 😉 The highest vote (44%) said “Yes! I do want to be a punk rocker!”. “No” got 22%, “Other” got 22%, and “I’m not telling you” got 11%.

Thankyou to everyone who voted. I’m not gonna pull an Oprah and give you all cars for voting. All I can offer is this blog 😉

Please give some suggestions of other funny polls I could hold. The prize of a blog post dedicated to the winner is still on offer…

Update! Update! Update! Update! And so on…

Looks like I’m popular 😉 There have been 2 more votes on the poll.



  1. Oh man. That song? I hear that whenever I go into Starbucks >_<

    And it always struck me that she’s basically confusing hippies with punks, something that would probably get her a punch in the mouth from a real punk rock girl. 😛

  2. I secretly like the song 😦

    But still, whatever possessed that Starbucks to play it!?

  3. We all have our guilty pleasures when it comes to music. 😀

    I have no idea why Starbucks plays it. Possibly they want to seem like a young, hip company?

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