Posted by: Brad | October 14, 2008

A Visual Summary of the US Election

Okay, I’ve been trying to avoid writing about the US Election, but I thought I’d do it now – visually.

I don’t really know what all the fuss over the election is all about: George W. Bush has been in office for almost 8 years, and now the US gets a new leader, who will potentially change the history of the world forever. See, no big deal.

Did anyone care when Australia had our election in 2007?

When this guy:

Beat this guy:

You probably didn’t (if you’re not Australian). But that didn’t really change the world.

So now it’s Barack Obama and Joe Biden versus John McCain and Sarah Palin. What’s the worst that could happen? America’s not gonna become communist, as seen in this picture:

But still, I suppose history tells us it holds some importance, as seen in the 2000 election. America could be using efficient ‘shrimp power’ if Al Gore won 😮

So yes, the election does mean something. Vote responsibly.



  1. I just think it’s wicked cool that Kevin Rudd speaks Mandarin.

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